Naming Ceremonies
to welcome a new child into your life.

Naming ceremonies are wonderful occasions to bring together the most important people in your life and to declare the love that you hold for your child.

Whether it’s a long awaited baby, a much loved step-child or a child that’s joined the family through adoption, it’s a joyful moment to celebrate together.

Based in the lovely village of Barford St John, I work across Oxfordshire, Warwickshire, Northamptonshire & the Cotswolds.
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What’s involved

The main elements in a welcoming or naming ceremony are

Ceremony welcome

Affirming your child’s name

    From parents, sponsors and guests

    Sharing special words

    Symbolic Acts
    Perhaps lighting a candle or planting a tree

      Final words and thoughts

      Beyond this general structure, naming ceremonies can include pretty much any elements that you wish – music, gift giving, sharing special thoughts. They can be elaborate and flamboyant, or simple and pared back. A theme is often useful to bring all your ideas together, but a collection of contrasting elements can also work really well. What’s important is that naming ceremonies are thoughtfully crafted and completely personal to you and your family.

      This is what I do. Ceremonies are written and delivered especially for you. The structure, wording and key elements are entirely personalised and built around your family story. I can help with lots of ideas for venues, themes, readings, promises and symbolic acts and together we can create something heart-felt and unique.

      Planning your celebration

      Contact me to discuss how we can create a really beautiful ceremony together.
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      Bluebell Naming Ceremonies
      Creating beautiful, bespoke celebrations to welcome a new child into a family's life.
      Oxford, Warwick, Northampton, Cotswolds and the surrounding areas.