How to include your guests in your wedding ceremony

One of the great joys of a celebrant led ceremony is that your guests can play a part too.⁠ From pebble castings to duet readings, there are so many wonderful and unique ways to include your guests in your wedding ceremony. To find out more, drop me a line, or read on for five of my favourites:

Sing along

Lyrics for a wedding sing along
‘Rappers Delight’ might not quite fit the bill, but a sing along to any other classic tune can create a brilliant party atmosphere – Etta James … Michael Buble … McFly … anything goes! ⁠Include the words in your order of service, or on an song sheet and let the music play …

Ring warming

Wedding ring box for a ring warming ceremony

There are tonnes of ways to involve the lovely people in your life in your ceremony, but one of the sweetest is a ring warming. ⁠Tuck the rings up safely in a little gauze bag or a box and send them on their way round the room as you ceremony begins. Your rings are passed from guest to guest, and by the time they reach the best man (or woman) for the ring exchange they carry a little bit of love from everyone in the room. Priceless!⁠

Multiple hand tying

Hand tying with multiple ribbons

Hand tyings can be done in lots of different ways, but one of the most joyful and inclusive, is with multiple ribbons. Each colour represents a special meaning and each ribbon can be presented by a family member or friend. The final result has a lovely festival feel and once knotted, can be kept as a keepsake of the day.⁠

Group Promise

Group wedding promise

A really simple way to involve loved ones in your wedding ceremony is a group promise. It can be humorous or heart-warming, or both! I always ask guests to stand, as it gives the moment significance and creates a feeling of togetherness.⁠ What would you ask your guests to promise?

Love story quiz

Love story quiz for a modern wedding ceremony

For a really fun way to get your guests involved in your ceremony, how about a love story quiz? Your guests can wave their signs and you can see who knows you best!⁠

💍Who got lost on the way to their first date?⁠
💍Who proposed?⁠
💍Who’s most likely to shed a tear during the ceremony?⁠
💍Who prefers Guiness to champagne? ⁠⁠

You ceremony can be whatever you want it to be. Drop me a line via the contact form and let’s chat about ways to include the special people in your life.



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