Becoming a Sustainable Wedding Supplier

Even though my business is small, it still feels really important to me to minimise the impact that my work has on the environment, so I’ve created a Sustainbility Policy to gather together my ideas and help give some focus to becoming a more sustainable wedding supplier. I love working with couples and families that share my commitment to the environment, so if you’re looking for help to make your event a little easier on the planet – then let’s talk! Check out the links at the end of the blog for useful resources.

It’s definitely work in progress, but it’s all about getting started, so here’s where I’m at and where I’m hoping to go:


  • I will educate myself and stay informed about current best practice in sustainability via the Sustainable Wedding Alliance and other related organisations.
  • I will raise awareness among my clients, suppliers and partners about the importance of sustainable choices and support them to adopt responsible practices.
  • I will offer my clients the opportunity to off-set some of the carbon generated by their event by supporting sustainability projects via the Ecologi Bluebell Ceremonies woodland.

Bride walking through woodland at sustainable wedding venue

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

  • I will prioritise waste reduction by minimising paper usage and encouraging digital communication and documentation.
  • I will recycle my office paper waste.

Sustainable Purchasing

  • I will source sustainable products and services, giving preference to local and ethically produced options.
  • I will consider the environmental impact of the products I use, and use biodegradable and recyclable materials for keepsake scripts, stationery and printing.

Energy Conservation

  • I will minimise energy consumption by utilising energy-efficient equipment (such as LED lighting), applying energy conservation settings to IT systems and turning off applicances when not in use.
  • When working from home, I will heat my work area, rather than the whole house.
  • I will source energy from renewable and green energy tariffs whenever feasible.

Responsible Transport

  • I will travel using low energy transport, such as electric vehicles, car-sharing and public transport, whenever possible.
  • I will minimise travel-related emissions by working at venues within a defined local area, consolidating appointments and using digital tools for communication, whenever possible.

Collaboration with Sustainable Suppliers

  • I will actively seek partnerships with suppliers who share my commitment to sustainability, especially those that have secured third party accreditation.
  • I will promote and recommend sustainable suppliers to my clients, particularly local event businesses, meat-free catering, reusable event hire, outdoor venues and British grown flowers.

Hadsham Farm outdoor wedding venue Oxfordshire

Continuous Improvement

  • I will identify and monitor the main areas where my business has a direct impact on the environment – primarily travel, home office energy and resource use.
  • I will place sustainability at the centre of the decisions I make for my business.
  • I will review and evaluate my sustainability practices to identify areas for improvement.

Community Engagement

  • I will actively participate in sustainability initiatives within my local community and promote action within my trade association – the Association of Independent Celebrants.
  • I will plant 25 trees with Ecologi for every ceremony that I deliver, as a means of off-setting some of the carbon that my business generates. The Bluebell Ceremonies woodland can be visited here.

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