How to plan a virtual baby welcoming

For all the families that have had to cancel naming ceremonies or have been unable to share the joy of a new arrival in person with their nearest and dearest, here’s all you need to know about planning a virtual baby welcoming. Even if you can’t get together face to face, it can still be a wonderful, heartfelt occasion.


That’s easy during lockdown – stay at home and connect with friends and family using a video conferencing platform like Zoom. The free version of Zoom allows for up to 100 participants to join the same call for a maximum of 40 minutes. You can record the event to the Cloud and keep it as a record of your day, or you can even have it professionally edited. Try Oojamaflick for a beautifully crafted video.


You could write and deliver your own ceremony, or feel free to get in touch to chat about creating something beautiful together. Just as I would normally do, I can create a script especially for your family, help with readings and promises and deliver the ceremony on the day, via the wonders of the internet!.

Set up and décor

Choose a room in your home or a space in your garden where you’ve got good wifi connection and good lighting. You’ll need enough room to stand together comfortably, somewhere to position your laptop/tablet or phone and a table for readings, promises and any items that you’d like to use for symbolic acts (like lighting a candle). Decorate your surroundings with whatever takes your fancy – fairy lights, paper lanterns, bunting. For flowers, there are some amazing local suppliers – some of my favourites are Bicycle Blooms, Wild Rose Florist and The Flower Shed. Plenty of local cake makers are also still hard at work. I love Cakes by Kit, Cherry Tree Cakerie and Rebecca’s Kitchen.

Readings and promises

Just as for a normal naming ceremony, choose readings that you love and that capture your personalities. I can help with lots of suggestions, or you can write something yourself – often the very best words come from the heart. Readings can be done remotely by guests, as can promises from grandparents and guide parents (the equivalent of god parents).

Moments to include everyone

Naming ceremonies are about so much more than announcing the names that have been chosen for your child. They’re about bringing together treasured family and friends and giving thanks for the powerful bonds that unite you. There are lots of ways to include all your guests, but with a virtual ceremony we just have to get a bit more creative – great options to consider are a virtual wishing tree (loved ones can leave words of support and advice for the future), a good old sing-along (choose a track that everyone’s likely to know and crank up the volume!), a group promise made by everyone present, a virtual Mexican wave and of course no ceremony would be complete without a toast. Cheers!.

Get in touch to talk more about your virtual baby welcoming.

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