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Ceremonies – Weddings, Namings & Vow renewals

This is the heart of your celebration and tells the unique story of your relationship. Each ceremony is carefully crafted, with moments of joy and reflection to create a completely personalised event.

Venues & Suppliers

I’ve lived in Oxfordshire for over 20 years now and know the inside of a good pub when I see it! I’ve also had the pleasure of working at lots of fantastic local venues, so if you’d like some help to choose where to host your event or who to work with on the day, then my little black book is bulging with lovely suppliers who I’d be happy to recommend. 

Remember that a ceremony conducted by a celebrant can take place anywhere (no licensed structure is needed) and at any time. So if you want a candle-lit wedding on your family farm, then I’d love to help make it happen.

Here are a few of my favourite venues and suppliers from Oxfordshire, Warwickshire and Northamptonshire.

Symbolic acts

These are moments of reflection that symbolise hope, togetherness and enduring love. They can be classic or quirky; inclusive or intimate and many more options besides. It all starts with you and the things that are meaningful and important in your life.

Get in touch and let’s work together to find something that’s just right for you … or perhaps even create something completely unique!


Before I became a celebrant, I worked in sustainability for many years and so it seems completely natural to me that I combine these two passions and champion low carbon ceremonies. There are many ways that you can reduce the impact of your event, from hosting it outdoors to plantable gifts for guests. Low energy, doesn’t mean dialling down the joy, it just means choosing suppliers and products that are a little kinder to the planet.

I plant 25 trees for every ceremony I deliver and couples and families can add more of their own, to off-set some, or all of the carbon generated by each event. Check out the amazing forest we’re growing here with Ecologi.

Planning your celebration

Contact me to discuss how we can create a beautiful ceremony together. | 07788 757822

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